Self-government or anarchy?

Attention libertarians: Would you prefer to live under self-government or anarchy? Anarchy means no government at all, not even over oneself. I see that as reckless abandon, squandering resources, living only for the moment, and I believe that very few people see that as a desirable condition. Calling for anarchy is often confused with the collectivist goals of Antifa and other authoritarian causes. Instead, I recommend that we libertarians should drop the call for anarchy and start championing *self-government* as real government. Having a monopolistic gang (the state) is mob rule – and that is clearly not governance over one’s own life and property. Let’s stop referring to the state as governance or government. Mob rule is not real government. The state is not real government. Only self-government, government over one’s own life and property, is the rightful use of the term government. We are pro-government!